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A Guide To Buying CBD – Choosing A CBD Shop

There’s no secret that CBD oil products have taken off in the world of wellness today. The market is exploding into what is now being referred to as the “Green Boom,” with new CBD shops and brand new variations of CBD oil products coming to fruition on what seems like on a daily basis.


With so many CBD shops out there today, it is certainly a buyer’s market, but it is also a buyer-beware market, as one must be careful in deciding which CBD stores to trust for ordering their preferred CBD products.


CBD is still brand new and, therefore, it is not fully regulated. Just like dietary supplements, the FDA doesn’t rigorously monitor the creation and distribution of CBD oil products — so brands aren’t under strict scrutiny when it comes to how they concoct, label, and sell their hemp derived CBD oil products.


While there is a lot of revolutionary work being done in this industry among many CBD companies, there are also a lot of “fly-by-night” players looking to capitalize off the growing consumer interest in CBD oil products. In fact, the FDA recently conducted a study surrounding the CBD oil products on the market today and found that many don’t even contain cannabidiol.


With that being said, the major concern amongst those interested in trying CBD oil products is whether or not they can trust the labeling and, more specifically, the ingredients in the products sold by many CBD shops. So in order to help make the process of deciding where to buy CBD easier, here at Agrozen Life Sciences, one of the Top Rated National® manufacturers and distributors of CBD oil products, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with tips and tricks for choosing the best CBD shop. Keep reading to learn more!



A Guide To Buying CBD – Choosing A CBD Shop


Buy CBD Oil From Trusted, Transparent Brands

In the CBD space, maybe even more so than most other markets, getting to know the brand legitimately matters. Fortunately, many CBD shops are doing their part to be as transparent as possible about who they are, what they provide, and what they wish to accomplish.

But as we mentioned, not every CBD company is doing their part, which is why deciphering which ones are transparent from those that are not is imperative for ensuring you are going to receive a high-quality CBD product from them. By searching through the website of a CBD shop, you can quickly determine their level of transparency and knowledge about CBD. By navigating through their information, they should communicate not only what their CBD oil products consist of, but also outline the entire process from “farm to table.” This includes where they source their hemp from, which we’ll dive into more later.


Most CBD shops that are transparent and knowledgeable will also continue to add new information about CBD to their stores and sites based on scientific research, like our Learning Center at Agrozen Life Sciences for example.


Buy CBD Products That Are Crafted With Quality And Research

Once you have determined which CBD shops are transparent, you can then look into the ingredients in their CBD oil products to determine whether or not they are right for you. You don’t want to buy CBD from a company that’s simply taking CBD isolate or hemp flower and combining them with random cosmetic ingredients to see what the final outcome is. Reputable CBD shops spend years researching ingredients to implement into each of their CBD oil products to ensure proper efficacy and that there is no unwanted interactions or side effects.


Order CBD Products That Show Lab Results/Certificates Of Analysis

Without a lab report, the label of CBD products can say anything, so when it comes to trusting a product from a CBD shop will contain what it says, you’ll want to only buy from those that provide a COA, or certificate of analysis. This little PDF is proof that a third-party, independent lab tested the specific CBD product you’re about to buy and outlined the results for what the product contains.


You’ll also want to know the batch number of the CBD product you’re looking at, this way you know that the COA or lab results you view are for that specific batch of products that was sent to the lab for quality assurance.


What the Lab Results Will Tell You:

Potency: Is there CBD in there? How much? Look for “total cannabinoids” or “total CBD” on the COA. “Potency tells you the level of cannabinoids in the product. If a product claims to have 250mg of CBD, then this should match what it says on the COA.


Contaminants or pesticides: Was the hemp grown in pesticide-soaked soil? Was the CBD collected from hemp that had bacteria or mold? Did it get into the product? Was the CBD extracted using solvents?


Safety: Nowadays, having a lab test is not enough to ensure that the products are truly assured for quality and, most importantly, safety. When a CBD shop notes that it’s products are “tested by a third party lab,” make sure that they also state that the lab in question is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, as well as certified organic and regularly inspected by the FDA.


So to recap, the following are some of the questions you should be asking when building trust in a CBD shop:

  • Does the company provide lab results with batch numbers?
  • Is the company’s third-party lab GMP certified?
  • Are they manufacturing in an FDA-registered facility?
  • Are they doing high-quality testing of the product from the farm to the shelf?



Buy CBD Products Made From Domestically Sourced Hemp

Now that the 2018 Farm Bill has been passed, there is no reason for CBD shops to be utilizing hemp that is imported from foreign farms, yet many still do based off previous, long standing partnerships they had formed.


Before buying a CBD oil product from any CBD shop, you should know where the hemp is coming from — not only whether it is domestic or imported, but also the specifics of where the farm is located geographically.


Why is this important? Hemp is a powerful bio-accumulator, meaning it cleans the soil and absorbs everything around it’s roots. This means that depending on where hemp is planted, it can easily absorb toxins, metals, pesticides, and even nuclear components from the soil if grown without following proper farming practices. You’ll want to ensure that the hemp in the CBD oil products in question is grown by certified farmers in soil pre-tested for toxins. This is why we recommend choosing American-grown hemp, as there are many more rules and regulations in place for ensuring safe farming practices.


Aim For CO2 Extracted CBD Products

Knowing how hemp oil products are extracted from the plant is also a crucial aspect to know, as some methods are significantly more pure than others. To learn why CO2 extraction is the preferred method by many CBD shops, including Agrozen, click here.


Avoid “Hemp Seed Oil”

Hemp oil does not always mean CBD. Hemp products have been around for centuries, and the majority of them are derived from hemp seed oil, which does not contain CBD. CBD is not derived from the seed or stalk of the hemp plant, but extracted from the flower of the plant. If you purchase a hemp seed oil product, it will not provide you with the benefits of CBD that we have come to know and love.


When it comes to any supplement that you put into your body, you want to ensure that it will help improve your health and wellness rather than hurting it. We understand that buying CBD oil online can be a daunting process to go about when you’re first getting started, which is why we do everything in our power to help you make confident, informed decisions.


From all of us at Agrozen Life Sciences, we hope that this guide helps you to make informed decisions when looking for the best, most reputable CBD companies to buy CBD oil online from.


Explore the rest of our website to see how we do our best to provide education, transparency, and outstanding customer service at our CBD shop along with our Top Rated National® CBD oil products. From CBD oils to CBD capsules, CBD topicals, CBD vape liquid, and a whole lot more, find the product that’s right for you and start discovering nature’s wellness today.