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How Do I Know How Much CBD To Take?

A Gallup poll was taken in August of 2019 and found that 14% of Americans are CBD users. That’s roughly 30 million people. Just a decade ago, fewer people than that even knew what CBD was, where it came from, or how it worked.


Today, however, the CBD marketplace is thriving and more and more Americans are using CBD to discover nature’s wellness and find a sense of relaxation and well-being in their daily lives. One of the biggest things that new CBD users (and some longtime users) struggle with is just how much CBD they should be taking.


In today’s blog from Agrozen Life Sciences, we’ll take a look at how cannabidiol (CBD) works, explain how to measure doses from droppers, and provide some guidelines for what is considered “average” usage. Read on to learn more or find the full-spectrum hemp oil products you’re looking for at our online CBD shop.

How CBD Works

You may or may not know that your body actually creates its own CBD. All vertebrae mammals contain something called an endocannabinoid system (ECS) — a regulatory system for our nerves, blood flow, and other completely regular body functions. CBD from hemp oil can be metabolized by the body and dispersed throughout the ECS to provide a wealth of effects that scientists are still working to fully understand.


The popular opinion is in, however, and almost 1 in 7 Americans say that CBD works for them.

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How To Measure Out Your CBD

One of the things that many CBD oil users who visit our CBD shop experience is some confusion about how to measure out dosages from a dropper bottle. Here is a quick guide to figuring out your dosage using a standard 500mg CBD concentration in a standard 30 mL container as an example.


One full dropper of oil is roughly 1 mL.

That means there are roughly 30 droppers full of oil in the bottle.

  • By dividing the 500mg of CBD by the 30 droppers, we can determine that each full dropper contains just over 16mg of CBD.
  • The number of individual drops in a dropper depends on the quality of the dropper and the viscosity of the oil, but 12-18 drops are typical.
  • If our 1 mL dropper with 16mg of CBD in it produced 15 drops, then each drop would contain just over 1mg of CBD.


*Note: Always check and see roughly how many drops your CBD oil dropper contains to more accurately estimate your dose.

Usage Guidelines

It’s important to note that when it comes to CBD oils, there isn’t a single dose or even a scale of them that will work for everyone. Depending on the products you use, the reasons you use then, and individual physical factors, your CBD usage needs will be different than anyone else. The best way to figure out what works is to explore and document the outcomes. Here, however, are some general guidelines for “average” daily usage.

  • “Light Usage” – 1mg to 15mg per day
  • “Average Usage” – 16mg to 50mg per day
  • “Heavy Usage” – 51mg to 100mg per day

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