Hemp Extracted CBD vs Cannabis Extracted CBD

Hemp Extracted CBD vs Cannabis Extracted CBD

It’s no secret now that CBD oil products are taking the world by storm for their wide range of applications in today’s health and wellness needs, but one of the major questions we hear at Agrozen Life Sciences is, “what’s the difference between hemp derived CBD oil and cannabis derived CBD oil?”

For starters, here are the basics of the hemp and cannabis plants and where the two differ from one another.

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The first major difference between hemp and cannabis is the appearance of these two plants. While the two plants are of the same species, cannabis tends to be much shorter and bushier. However, hemp on the other hand is tall and lengthy similar to a bamboo stalk. Cannabis also has a darker green complexion with wide, rough-edged leaves. Hemp consists of a more bright, vibrant green color with smooth-edged, long, and narrow leaves.

THC Content

THC Content

Since cannabis is majoritively farmed for its recreational purposes, cultivators prioritize THC content in their growing and breeding processes. This means cannabis has much more psychoactive properties, which can be difficult to remove for developing pure CBD oil products. In order to be sold legally in areas that marijuana is still prohibited, CBD oil products must contain less than 0.3 percent active THC, which can be a difficult task to achieve. This means that the majority of cannabis-based CBD oil products that you find will come with more THC content than hemp based CBD oil products, and the ones you find that do meet these THC content requirements will come at a hefty price point.

The hemp plant naturally contains minimal amounts of THC, if any at all, which makes it an ideal source for obtaining high-quality, pure CBD oil. Most full spectrum hemp derived CBD oil extracts, like in the CBD oil products we carry at Agrozen Life Sciences, is grown to breed any existing THC compounds to under 0.3 percent, leaving only pure CBD-rich oil and terpenes for the best CBD experience. This allows you to receive the full entourage effect with none of the psychoactive side effects.


While both hemp-extracted CBD and cannabis-extracted CBD can be useful in coping with a number of chronic conditions, the one major aspect that differentiates the two is their current legality under the United States Federal law. Cannabis-based products of any sort, whether technically CBD oil products or recreational cannabis products, are only able to be legally purchased in states that have permitted this.

Meanwhile, hemp based products containing CBD are able to be manufactured, distributed, purchased, and used anywhere in the country. You can order full spectrum hemp based CBD oil products online, like ours at Agrozen Life Sciences, from anywhere in the country and have them at your door in a matter of days!


Hemp Is A Superfood

Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and health-conscious people alike implement hemp derived CBD oil into their daily diets, and that’s no surprise to us! That’s because hemp is a super-bioavailable, nutrient-dense, adaptogenic plant. In layman's terms, CBD oil is an herbal medicine that aids in the stabilization of your body’s mental and physical condition, also known as homeostasis. The hemp plant is rich in essential fatty and amino acids, B vitamins, along with over 400 other beneficial plant compounds.

CBD users and enthusiasts today consist of a wide variety of people of all ages, and they are mostly seeking to purchase products from CBD stores for the beneficial properties that CBD can provide them for bettering their health and wellness; they don’t want any of the psychoactive, mind-altering effects that accompany cannabis. For these purposes, full spectrum hemp derived CBD oil is the best choice.

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